2 OUTLETS PN 200 bar + 2 OUTLETS PN 300 bar
  • 2 OUTLETS PN 200 bar + 2 OUTLETS PN 300 bar

2 OUTLETS PN 200 bar + 2 OUTLETS PN 300 bar

Filling Panels by NARDI COMPRESSORI are completely stainless steel coated and they have four (4) filling connections. These can be supplied for fills in 200BAR, 300BAR or both pressures. The installation of an integrated pressure reducer allows simultaneous fills in dual pressure.

The NARDI COMPRESSORI FITTINGS can sustain bottles, connected directly to the valves, with a weight up to max 15kg.

Filling panels can be installed in environments with

temperatures between -5°C and + 45°C.

The Filling Panel can be positioned in a separate room away from the compressor. If a remote controller is installed it can communicate with the compressor and obtain all the information directly on the controller. Therefore, users can turn ON and switch OFF the compressor, check pressures and temperatures and filter status directly from remote controller.

All valves on the NARDI COMPRESSORI FILLING PANELS are equipped with a safety device which allows airflow only if the valve is correctly connected to the bottle fittings.

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