TT-Mix Pro (Nitrox/Trimix)

Mixer Nitrox/Trimix


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The NEW TT-MIX Pro by NARDI COMPRESSORI  is a versatile and easy-to-handle blending device for the filling and refills of your bottles. You have to simply set a precise and balanced mixture on the display and  TT-MIX Pro will do all the work autonomously from the beginning until the final stage of the operation when the compressor stops. It is equipped with a double inlet for oxygen and helium, gas sensors, a touchscreen display with integrated software for automatic blending of mixtures and refills. It comes with a patented exclusive and unique system of automatic pressure and flow regulators. This fantastic system is an important asset for a good time management because you no longer have to supervise this operation, but you can go on with other assignments instead. The philosophy behind this amazing TT-MIX PRO is to offer maximum safety and total control of your blending activity




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